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Wets in the Highland Lochs

I’m always working several books ahead, gathering material, planning chapters, writing stories, and so on. Here’s a snippet from book nine–Nymphs and Wets Our friend, Theo Bakelaar, from Holland, spends time each year in Scotland, fishing for Atlantic Salmon, and fishing for brown trout in the streams and lochs (lakes) of that country. It is […]

Highland Lochs

If you like the idea of fishing the lochs in the Highlands of Scotland, or just the idea of tying the flies that are used there, then you need to visit and click on Flt Tying in the header bar. Andrew Hogg shows the tying in great detail, and discusses the history and fishing […]

Inverpolly Salmon Camp

The two weeks spent at the Inverpolly Lodge is not only an opportunity to fish for Atlantic Salmon, sea trout, wild browns of the small lochs and streams of the Highlands, but also an opportunity to escape the rush of the work-a-day world and the hectic hustle of life. A great banner welcomes the anglers […]

Highland Sea Trout

Sea Trout are sea-run brown trout. They live in the estuary and near-coastal waters, feeding on baitfish and crustaceans. When mature, they migrate into the streams to spawn. Like Atlantic Salmon, sea trout do not die after spawning, and so may spawn several times. And also like the salmon, the sea trout are silver bright […]

Highland Atlantics

Theo’s saga in the Scottish Highland continues: The streams of the high country of Scotland offer the fly fisher some great angling for Atlantic Salmon. The government has bought up the commercial fishing rights, and the fish are recovering very well. There are several streams on the Inverpolly Estate that host wild salmon. Most of […]

Highland Browns

As promised, Theo Bakelaar has sent along a photo essay on fishing the mountain streams and lochs (lakes) of the Scottish Highlands for brown trout. The morning starts early. Today will be a walk into the high country lochs and the small streams that feed them in search of absolutely wild, native browns. The hike […]

Fishing in the Scottish Highlands

Our friend from Holland, Theo Bakelaar, normally spends a couple of weeks each year fishing with friends for Atlantic Salmon on the northeast coast of Scotland. It’s a vast country of high moors and tumbling river valleys, ancient castle ruins, and incessant winds. This is the first of several reports that Theo has agreed to […]