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Theo’s Eelskin Flies Conquer All

A couple of days before the International Fly Tying Symposium (held Nov. 23, 24) Theo Bakellar, Ben Furimski, and I spent a day fishing for stripers. Theo fished with a variety of his eelskin flies. These are tied with a strip of freshwater eelskin. The skin is very thin and flexible, and so, swims very […]

Fall Blues and Stripers 2013

When my scheduling allows, I like to arrive a few days early for the International Fly Tying Symposium and fish for stripers and blues with Chuck Furimsky and with our friends Theo Bakelaar and Harry Schoel, from Holland. This year was one such year. The first day, the ocean was too rough, so we fished […]

Is This a Tarpon, or What?

My friend, Pablo Rodrigo Perez, from Mendoza, Argentina, has been waging war on the tarpon in Mexico. And just look at what his campaign of terror has serve up for him! My gosh, what a fish. His rod is not a two-hand Spey stick as might be supposed from the handle. It is a one-hand […]

Montauk Point Report

Montauk Point is alive with fish as reported by our friend, Capt’n Jake Jordan. He and friends found stripers up to 25 pounds and albies up to 10 pounds in numbers. If you’re in the area and get there, have at ‘em.

Harkers Island Albies

Our good friend, Theo Baakelar, has forwarded photos of a trip that he and our mutual friends Chuck Furimsky and Harry Schoel took to Harkers Island in North Carolina last November for false albacore—“albies.” They had a great trip. You can read about it in the photographic story below. The fish will be there this […]

Sea Trout in Denmark

Ever notice that fishermen always see the glass a half full? Theo Bakelaar and friends spent a few day in Denmark fishing for sea trout. The winter’s ice had ripped out much of the near-shore weeds, and the bigger fish were not close in. The trip was great, but the fishing mostly for a few […]

More Night Tarpon

My old friend, Cap’t Jake Jordon is having a great tarpon season. The excitement of catching a big tarpon is only exceeded by catching them after dark. Here’s his latest report. Greetings from Tarpon World April 18, 2012: Tonight, Ann McComas (originally from Woodstown NJ) replaced her ill husband Jim to fly fish with Brian Long […]

Jake Jordan’s HUGE Blue Marlin

My friend, Captain Jake Jordan, recently landed what would most certainly have been a new world record Blue Marlin on the fly rod. He refused to kill the fish, and so it will have to stand as an unofficial record. He deserves praise and thanks for this unselfish act. Here’s the report from his skipper: […]