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PM Fly Fishing School

This past weekend (6/13-6/14/2015) I conducted a fly fishing school at the Pere Marquette Rod and Gun Club on the banks of the Pere Marquette River at Baldwin, Michigan. The 20 students had a great time. We managed to do our casting exercises between the rain storms; none-the-less, we received between 2 and 3 inches […]

Night Tarpon

Jake Jordan is still at it, and still delighting his clients with big tarpon at night—a true experience in terror. Well, maybe not terror, but certainly an adrenaline rush and a half. Imagine hooking one if these beasts in total darkness and all you can sense is a lot of very loud splashing and the […]

My friend, jake Jordan, had a rather serious health problem on his drive home a couple of weeks ago. He is doing much better, now, and files the following report that should be of great interest to anyone really wanting to nail a bill fish or catch a big tarpon in the dark hours. Greetings […]

Albie Fish still Hot

The fishing for albacore is still red hot. I had a great email from Jake Jordan with the latest report on albie fishing. Plenty of fish still available, and they are plenty cooperative. If you’re interested in more info on fishing for these powerful little brutes, see here.

Albies are Still Hittin’

Our friend, Chuck Furimsky was fishing for Albies with Capt’n Jake Jordan last week ,and Jake sent the following report. The Albies will be waiting after Sandy clears out, so plan accordingly. October 23, 2012:     Chuck Furimsky (Owner “The Fly Fishing Show”) and I hit the water at 7:00 Am and headed offshore, we found […]

Ghost Tarpon

They look big in the daytime, and they are, but at night, they look even bigger, and they look ghostly. Here are a couple of shots from Capt’n Jake Jordan. For those  that  want to experience both the thrill and the terror of fishing for giants at night, this is a particular specialty of Jake’s. […]

Tarpon Report 4-4-2012

My old friend, Jake Jordan, is back in Florida and hunting tarpon at night. Here’s the latest report. If you want to fish with Jake or see more about his operation, go here. April 4, 2012: This evening my old friend Jerry Gibbs (retired  fishing editor of Outdoor Life Magazine), joined aboard “Fly Reel” at […]

Kootenai River with Banjo Dave

There is a chunk of Montana that most anglers don’t really think of when the envision going “West.” It’s the far northwest of Big Sky country–the land that lies to the Pacific side of Glacier National Park. This wild and rugged area holds a special river, the Kootenai. It is in this wonderfully remote and […]

Albies are In

My friend, Cap’t Jake Jordan had a hip replacement done this summer. He made fast and good recovery and is now out chasing the false albacore. These are among the fastest and strongest fish you’ll ever hook on a fly rod. After a 20 minute fight done almost entirely in the backing, the fish surrenders […]

Trolling and Drifting

Another excerpt from our upcoming book Long Flies. This story is “hot off the press” because it’s a story about a fishing experience I had last week in Alaska. Some anglers have difficulty considering these actual fly fishing tactics, and that’s okay as long as they don’t try to make others stop using these tactics. […]