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Foam Heads

  Our friend Theo Bakelaar is foaming at the vise. Here’s a neat idea for using a circle of foam to make a muddler head. My friend, Mark Rayman, from Colorado, uses a circle of foam to make a great diver pattern. Is foam the new deer hair?

Folded Foam Humpy

  This great idea came from Harrisson Steeves, a friend of Theo Bakelaar. It’s a fabulous idea, and I’m already seeing it as a possible Down and Dirty tactic for many imitations. Fold the foam and glue in place with Instant Glue—Gorilla Glue makes a good product for this.

Theo’s Foam Caddis

My good friend, Theo Bakelaar, from Holland, has been tying a great selection of foam flies: beetles, ants, caddises, and on. He sent the tying steps for a really great foam caddis. It is profile fly, and a really good one. Have a look.

Tying Theo’s House Fly

Theo Bakelaar, our Holland Connection, has graciously agreed to share his tying steps for the House Fly. This tying strategy would make a great cicada, wasps, bees, and other dipterans.

Foam Body Cranefly

Our friend, Theo Baakalar, in Holland, has been dressing flies with some new foam body material and new veined winging material. This adult cranefly is his latest creation. Even though it looks delicate, the materials in the fly are very tough and make it a real fishing fly, not just an artistic creation.

Foam Flies Deluxe–and then some!

Our friend, Theo Baakelar, has been dressing flies using a system of foam and veined winging material. Take about good-looking flies! And, they float like—foam! The system uses a special pin that clamps in the vise, on which the extended portion of the body is first formed. Of course, for those flies without an extended […]