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Opportunistic feed is when fish literally eat whatever the opportunity provides. This is often the situation during periods between hatches. Selective feeding occurs whenever there is a super-abundance of one food type—such as occurs during a hatch. Then there is Semi-Selectivity. This is a type of opportunistic feeding during which fish feed preferentially on organisms […]

Time of the Hendrickson

The leaves on the oaks are the size of a mouse’s ear; it’s the time of the Hendrickson. Here in the northwoods of Wisconsin, the Hendrickson (Ephemerella subvaria) is our first serious mayfly hatch. And it’s a civilized hatch, at that, coming off just after the lunch hour and lasting for an hour or two. […]


The concept of selectivity is an easy one to understand–there’s a really, really high concentration of one type of food organism, and the fish feed on that organism and shun all others. This allows the fish to target a known food item and thereby maximize food intake and minimize energy expenditure. Well, we normally think […]

The Devil Bug

At the Edmonton Seminar that I conducted with Mike Lawson, I was asked several questions about tying the adult caddis imitations that I use. I tied the Poly Caddis, but there was not time to tie the Devil Bug. This is a modification of the Tom Thumb fly of Canada. The modification comes in the […]

Braided Butt Damsel

I had several requests for the gang at Edmonton to post the tying instructions for the Braided Butt Damsel–so here they are, straight out of Designing Trout Flies.

Denver Fly Fishing Show, Day 2

Today was a busy one at the show. Lots-o-people, and then some. I held a casting class from 8:30 to 11 am, had a book signing from 11-12, gave a talk entitled “Where the Trout Are,” and finished with a casting talk/demo from 3:15 until 4:15. Yesterday I met Jackson Leong and we talked fly […]

Denver Fly Fishing Show

I will be at the Denver Fly Fishing Show at the Merchandise Mart this weekend offering programs each day and a fly casting class on Saturday morning. It’s a great show, and a fun time for everyone. For more information, see Denver Show. On Friday, I will give a fly tying demo at 11:30 am. […]