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John and 33 x 20

My great friend John Beth was at it again. While the rest of us ate turkey and stuffing, John was busy stuffing a big streamer down the throat of a 33 x 20 female brown (20 x 20 x 33/750 = 17.5 lbs). That’s quite a collect of big browns for Johnny Boy this fall. […]

Solo Brown

I got up at 4 am and made a run at the Shegboygan. About a dozen casts after I got on the water, I hooked a nice steelhead that was on long enough to make me think I was going to land it. Then off. It looked in the upper 20’s in length and in […]

Weight of Fish

Dan Knox wrote to ask about the measurements of the browns that I posted. Sorry I didn’t make that clear Dan. The first measurement is the length in inches, the second is the girth in inches measured just in front of the dorsal fin. Rather than suspend these big fish by their jaws and chance […]