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Big and Ugly, and Eating…Jigs?

Chuck Furimsky, founder of The Fly Fishing Shows, was recently fishing the Salmon River in NY and decided to fish a small white, fly rod jig for the big kings—and guess what? Yup, he connected. That’s an impressive fish, Chuck! Three years back (2014) I was fishing kings in the Chilean Patagonia, and we found […]

Lake MI Kings in Wisconsin 2016

    My long-time friend, John Beth, and his friend, Scott Allen, just returned from a trip to a Lake Michigan tributary, fishing for kings and browns. Wisconsin has experienced more than its share of rain this year, and the river finally fell to just a little over 300 cfs. John was understandably anxious to […]

Fall Salmon Report

While Nancy and I were driving west and settling in an RV Park—where we will live until we find a home—John Beth was out ripping lips. Not a lot of them because the food base in Lake Michigan was greatly diminished this year. As John noted in a recent email to me, “this marks my […]

Where Have All the Salmon Gone

The last couple of days I’ve been singing a slightly modified version of Pete Seger’s folk song, Where Have all the Flowers Gone. Mine is going like this: “Where have all the salmon gone, long time passing, where have all the salmon gone, long time ago. Where have all the salmon gone, gone in high […]

Fall Salmon and Browns 2013

This fall saw our Wisconsin waters lower than normal, but the fish didn’t seem to mind. There was a large run of kings, an exceptionally large run of cohos, and a few early-run browns. Oddly the cohos came in with the kings. Normally they run near the end of the king spawn. And, oddly, the […]

Testing the SC 20

When Nancy and I travelled to visit Jason and Kelley and celebrate Brooke’s first birthday,  I received a most extraordinary gift–a rod from Jason. Let me back up just a bit. Jason is an exceptional rod designer. Not in the sense that I have helped design rods. I would tell the manufacturer to stiffen the […]

River of Kings 10/10/2013

John Beth and company fished the Great Lakes Tribs for kings and company, and found everyone at home. John connected with kings, cohos, and browns. He noted that he can’t ever remember such a large run of kings. So, if you’ve got a hankerin’ to catch a few of the big boys from the lakes, […]

Eleven is a Good Number

Yesterday, I hooked thirteen fish but only landed five; five is not a good number. Today, I again hooked thirteen fish, but I landed 11 of them. Eleven is a good number. The day started with the decision to hike over the hill into a section of water that I particularly enjoy, and where I […]

Unhook Me, Please, and Once Again, Thanks

This day,day three of my trip,  my friends John Beth and Dale Thompson, were to meet me. John is the one who introduced me to costal water kings many years back, and I always love spending a day fishing with him. I was excited because it looked like it was going to be a hay-day […]

Hooked and Snagged

This day dawned clear and bright, but the cold of last evening was not gone, and even the sun, pouring through the nearly barren branches of streamside trees could not persuade the temperature to get much above the mid 40s F. It was a different day for the kings, too. Like all fish, they get […]