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I have friends that help me to search for and find the latest in fly tying and fly fishing. Henry Kanemoto sent me a URL to the Dubspeed. It’s a great tool that I saw at the 2013 EWF in March in Munich. I had forgotten about it (where are those show notes??). It is […]

Crystal UV Coat

In a couple of posts back I mentioned Crystal UV Coat head cement that my friend Henry sells. I love this stuff, especially when I need a lacquered head on a bucktail, streamer, or other long fly. It sets in a few seconds under UV light and gives a hard finish. Before UV coat, I’d […]

TYFLYZ TOOLZ Hackle Pliers

I recently received some Hackle Pliers from TYFLYZ TOOLZ. Although of are of the same design as the original prototypes that Robert had given me a couple of years back, these are made with just a tiny bit thinner wire. This modification is an improvement over the prototype because these newer ones are less difficult […]

Turbo Dubbing Twister

At every Show. I get questions about the loop spinning tools that I use. There are variety of tools out there, most readily available from the fly shops. But the one I get the most questions about is the Turbo Dubbing Twister. This is a Czech product, complete with ball bearing that allow the head […]

Tyflyz Toolz Hackle Pliers

Every once in a while someone creates a new and better mouse trap. Here’s the best hackle pliers I’ve seen in many a day. It holds a hackle feather like you can’t believe. It’s super light so it doesn’t break delicate feathers, and it’s formed in a loop so that one can merely insert an […]