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Detached Body Pins

Our friend Theo Bakelaar, from Holland, has been tying many imitations of recent days. He is kind enough to send along photo instructions of his very fine work. Some of his imitations call for an extended body, and he uses J:son detached body pins to build it. These are really slick. They are available from […]


I have friends that help me to search for and find the latest in fly tying and fly fishing. Henry Kanemoto sent me a URL to the Dubspeed. It’s a great tool that I saw at the 2013 EWF in March in Munich. I had forgotten about it (where are those show notes??). It is […]

Crystal UV Coat

In a couple of posts back I mentioned Crystal UV Coat head cement that my friend Henry sells. I love this stuff, especially when I need a lacquered head on a bucktail, streamer, or other long fly. It sets in a few seconds under UV light and gives a hard finish. Before UV coat, I’d […]

TYFLYZ TOOLZ Hackle Pliers

I recently received some Hackle Pliers from TYFLYZ TOOLZ. Although of are of the same design as the original prototypes that Robert had given me a couple of years back, these are made with just a tiny bit thinner wire. This modification is an improvement over the prototype because these newer ones are less difficult […]

Turbo Dubbing Twister

At every Show. I get questions about the loop spinning tools that I use. There are variety of tools out there, most readily available from the fly shops. But the one I get the most questions about is the Turbo Dubbing Twister. This is a Czech product, complete with ball bearing that allow the head […]

Tyflyz Toolz Hackle Pliers

Every once in a while someone creates a new and better mouse trap. Here’s the best hackle pliers I’ve seen in many a day. It holds a hackle feather like you can’t believe. It’s super light so it doesn’t break delicate feathers, and it’s formed in a loop so that one can merely insert an […]