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Fall Albies 2017

The fall alibi fishing has been exceptional, and our friend, Capt’n Jake Jordan has been right on top of all of it. My long-time friend, Chick Furimsky, founder of The Fly Fishing Show, had a chance to fish with Jake a week or so ago. They really did well. Trouble is, the sharks were in […]

Fall Albies 2016-2

Chuck Furimsky and Capt’n Jake Jordan have been doing some serious damage to the egos of North Carolina albacore. The gave a goodly bunch of really nice fish a good flogging a couple of days ago. My, my what good sized allies. Chuck hit several in the 20 pound plus category. If I hadn’t been […]

Fall Albacore 2016

The big storm is over, the east coast is more or less back to normal, and the Albies are in and nipping. My good friend, Chuck Furimsky, chased them with our mutual friend, Capt’n Jake Jordan in North Carolina. The Albies were most cooperative, and Chuck nailed a bunch, including the nice big one pictured […]

Albacore Inshore 

Usually one has to run offshore to find the Albies. But now, Jake Jordan has reported that the Albies in his area have come inshore looking for the bay anchovies that are running out of the streams in search of warmer ocean water. Albacore by the thousands busting bait as far as the eye can […]

Albie Season

Our friend, Jake Jordan, is ripping albacore. Nice ones, too. The kind that nearly pull one’s arms out of the shoulder sockets, and that before they get serious. If you ever want to feel what a fish is capable of, this is where you should cast your line:

Albie Fish still Hot

The fishing for albacore is still red hot. I had a great email from Jake Jordan with the latest report on albie fishing. Plenty of fish still available, and they are plenty cooperative. If you’re interested in more info on fishing for these powerful little brutes, see here.

Albies are Still Hittin’

Our friend, Chuck Furimsky was fishing for Albies with Capt’n Jake Jordan last week ,and Jake sent the following report. The Albies will be waiting after Sandy clears out, so plan accordingly. October 23, 2012:     Chuck Furimsky (Owner “The Fly Fishing Show”) and I hit the water at 7:00 Am and headed offshore, we found […]

Harkers Island Albies

Our good friend, Theo Baakelar, has forwarded photos of a trip that he and our mutual friends Chuck Furimsky and Harry Schoel took to Harkers Island in North Carolina last November for false albacore—“albies.” They had a great trip. You can read about it in the photographic story below. The fish will be there this […]

BIG Albies

My friend, Chuck Furimsky headed south last week with his friend, Frank Surjansky, to fish with our mutual friend, Captain Jake Jordan. What a trip it turned out to be. Chuck called to talk about it, and then Jake sent our his email report. Have a look. October 16, 2011; North wind at 15, cold […]

Albies are In

My friend, Cap’t Jake Jordan had a hip replacement done this summer. He made fast and good recovery and is now out chasing the false albacore. These are among the fastest and strongest fish you’ll ever hook on a fly rod. After a 20 minute fight done almost entirely in the backing, the fish surrenders […]