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Hot Marlin and Sails on the Fly

My friend, Capt’n Jake Jordan writes: Yesterday I got a call from my friend Nick Smith, he had just got in from three days of fly fishing for Blue Marlin, aboard his vessel “Old Reliable” with Captain Chip Shafer. They had a great fly fishing trip by raising 49, they got 27 to bite the fly, while Nick […]

My friend, jake Jordan, had a rather serious health problem on his drive home a couple of weeks ago. He is doing much better, now, and files the following report that should be of great interest to anyone really wanting to nail a bill fish or catch a big tarpon in the dark hours. Greetings […]

Marlin on the Fly

Capt’n Jake Jordan offers a great trip for marlin sand/or sailfish on the fly. Here’s a report from one day of his recent three day trip. Wednesday Morning, 3:30 AM we woke up, washed up, ate great hot a breakfast of sausage, eggs, toast, and good Costa Rican coffee around 4:30. The crew then pulled the sea anchor and began […]

Jake Jordan Invitational, Sailfish Fly Challenge Day 3

    Yesterday, January 9, 2014 was the third and final day of the, fifth annual “Jake Jordan Invitational, Sailfish Fly Challenge.” This year we have five two angler teams, entered in this three day event, which was held here at The Casa Vieja Lodge, in Guatemala on January 7, 8, and 9, 2014. The five teams in this […]

Jake Jordan Invitational Sailfish Fly Challenge day 1

January 7, 2014 was the first day of the, fifth annual “Jake Jordan Invitational, Sailfish Fly Challenge” fly fishing Tournament. This year we have five two angler teams, entered in this three day event, which is held at The Casa Vieja Lodge, in Guatemala. Fishing for this first day of the tournament was slow for Guatemala standards, […]

Sails are on!

I had a note from my friend, Capt’n Jake Jordan, and it seems that the sail fish are turned on and tuned in. Here’s his note. If you’re interested in catching a sailfish on a fly, Jake’s the guy. You can contact him through his link at the right. Greetings from Casa Vieja Lodge: Here […]

Sails at Casa Vieja Lodge

The sails are  taking the fly–sailfish that is. Here’s a recent report from My old friend, Capt’n Jake Jordan. Greetings from Casa Vieja Lodge:     December 19, 2012: This morning after another great breakfast served at Casa Vieja Lodge,  Brent Kitson, Dave Fudurich, and I,  joined Captain Mike Sheeder with mates Flaco and Ricardo aboard “Intensity” for day three of […]

Sails on 2lb Tippet!

I saw my good friend Capt’n Jake Jordan at the Raleigh Show and he told me of all the recent adventures of fishing for sails and marlin. Here’s a report from his group in Guatemala. Greetings from Guatemala, just to keep you up to date, the fishing has been good to say the least. Some big […]