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Edson Brass Eyes

Bill Edson was one of the early bucktail innovators. Flies like his Edson Light Tiger and Edson Dark Tiger are still superb trout flies. As he designed his flies, he wanted to add jungle cock eyes to them, but had trouble getting them. So he added small, oval brass eyes in their place. These added […]

Crystal UV Coat

In a couple of posts back I mentioned Crystal UV Coat head cement that my friend Henry sells. I love this stuff, especially when I need a lacquered head on a bucktail, streamer, or other long fly. It sets in a few seconds under UV light and gives a hard finish. Before UV coat, I’d […]

Extra Select Craft Fur

At every Show, I get questions concerning the materials I use to dress the Down and Dirty series of minnows and sculpins. This material is available from Feather-Craft of St. Louis, MO. It is called Extra Select Craft Fur and can be found at on line at: Extra Fine Craft Fur  They offer 29 great […]

Raleigh Fly Fishing Show

The Raleigh Show was a great success. Lefty Kreh, Joe Humphries, Bob Clouser, myself, and others offered classes, gave tying and casting demos, and spoke with PowerPoint presentations. Sunday morning I had a couple of hours to tour the show, and bumped into my old friend, Jay Bergan, who owns and operates the Five Rivers […]