Programs and Bookings

gb_with_brownPowerPoint  Programs

1. “Fishing the Film.” An “in-depth” look at the surface feeding zone and the tactics necessary to take fish consistently in and just under the film, covering such topics a the secret of the hatch, the universal emerger, the best leader designs, tactics for a dead drift, the fish’s window, and much more.

2. “Reading Waters.”  The tactics of finding, stalking, presenting the fly to, and hooking and playing trout in lakes and streams, covering such topics as sheltering lies, feeding lies, and prime lies, the secret  river, fishing pools, riffles, rapids, runs, the rules of the river and more.

3. “Long Flies.” Streamers, bucktails, leeches and other “long flies” are strictly American in origin. Over the last 50 years these designs have exploded as fly rodders have sought a huge variety of exotic species around the world. This is a look at the flies, the fish and the tactics of the “Long Fly” anglers.

4. “Sight Fishing with Nymphs from Top to Bottom” Learn these amazingly easy and highly successful new tactics for nymph fishing that makes the process totally visual—just like fishing dry flies.

5. “Presentation  “The many arts and sciences of fly fishing integrated into one cohesive strategy for consistent angling success; the tricks for finding and taking big trout.

6. “Really Matching the Hatch” There’s far more to matching the hatch than having the right fly; learn the underlying secrets for consistent success on big, selective trout during heavy hatches.

7. Trout in Stillwaters Travel to lakes around the world during this in-depth presentation on the skills necessary for taking trout in stillwaters; learn to tap this under-utilized resource.

8. Equipment Isn’t the Only Thing It’s everything. At least it seems that way. This program sorts out the subtleties of equipment selection and usage for the fly fisher.

Casting Demonstrations

1. Presentation. This demonstration is designed to help the fly fisher develop the casting and mending skills to achieve the best presentation of the fly to the fish.

2. Curves in the Line. Curve casting and curve mending are essential components in the fly fishers bag if tricks. This demonstration covers a host of ways to curve the line as the need dictates.

3. Longer Cast. It’s not just about the Double Haul. There are several essential skills involved in consistently fishing longer casts. This demonstration teaches the tactics needed to achieve long line casts.

4. Others available, please contact me.

Tying Demonstrations

1. Spinning Flies. This demonstration teaches the use of thread loops to spin a wide variety of fly components, from tails, to bodies, to wings, hackle, collars, and heads.

2. Down and Dirty Flies.  Flies do not have to be difficult to tie, nor do they have to consist of numerous exotic materials. The Down and Dirty Flies are fast and easy to tie, and they catch fish as well or better than more sophisticated designs.

3. The Art of the Dry Fly. Dry flies come in many forms and tying styles. This demonstration touches bases on a variety of dry fly dressings, usual and unusual.

4. Nymphs and Wets. Tying nymphs and wet flies requires a few conceptual tactics that differ strongly from other flies. This demo explores not only those tactics but the basic nymph design families as well.

5. Long Flies. Imitations of bait fish and other elongate organisms originated in the US, and tying tactics and material uses have expanded exponentially in the last 50 years. This demo looks at the many different directions in which long fly designs are headed.

6. Others available, please contact me.

Banquet Programs

1. Where the Trout Are A fly fishing travelogue with an ecological message on the importance of our cold-water resources. 1 hr.

2. Four Seasons of Fly Fishing A poetry-in-prose reading illustrated with slides that depict the essence of each of the fly fisher’s four seasons. 1/2 hr.

3. The Art of the Commercial Fly. The best fly tyers in the world are commercial tyers in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Innovations in fly tying are spread by the commercial companies and these tyers are at the leading edge of the fresh and new.

4. Others available, please contact me.

Clinic Topics

1. Knots for the Fly Fisher A to Z of this knotty problem; new knots including the super, 30-second nail knot

2. Introductory Fly Tying The basics in any one or several areas of fly tying.

3. Advanced Fly Tying Thoughts on designing flies; “why” flies work; materials, tying, more.

4. Introductory Fly Casting From the basic casting stroke through the basic casts, a strong beginning in THE physical skill of fly fishing.

5. Advanced Fly Casting From curves to humps, from thrusts to piles, and much more.

6. On Stream Tactics pick from nymphing, dry flies, streamers, entomology, spotting and stalking, etc.

7. Other Topics Gary can customize your seminar, clinic, school, or outing in any way that you would like. Please call to discuss your wishes with him.

Contact me by email at to schedule me for your Club, Show, School, Seminar, or other angling event. Additional promotional photos are available for scheduled events.


  1. Mark Rayman says:

    Good morning Gary,

    Nice browns! Would you be available to do a program for our TU chapter in Jan 2010. We can be flexable for dates and time. I hope you can make it out to Denver, Co. area.

    Thank you for considering doing a program for us.

    Mark Rayman
    St Vrain Anglers TU
    Longmont, Co

  2. Mark Rayman says:

    Good moring Gary

    Our TU chapter in Longmont,Colo. is looking for a special program this coming year and was hoping you would consider doing something for us. If you are in the area and had the time we would appreciate hosting you.

    God bless

    Mark Rayman
    Ph 720-289-0202

  3. Gary Borger says:

    Thanks Mark for the comments on the browns. They are fun to catch, no doubt. I do speaking engagements at clubs, shows, shops, and private groups. I will email you the details.

    All my best,

  4. Glen Cormier says:

    Gary, I sent you an email earlier this week confirming that the Red Stick Fly Fishers would like to have you for our next annual club conclave on Saturday, March 5, 2011. Please let me know that this is agreeable so we can book it. We can make more specific arrangements (programs, travel dates, etc.) later. Our quarterly board meeting is coming up next week. Not another until November. I’d like to tell them we have confirmation. Thanks, and good fishing. Catch Cormier. FYI, cell number is (225)938-2057

  5. Gary Borger says:

    OK, it’s a date.