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Big Fly, Big Fish

One of the premises of my book “Long Flies” is “Big Fly, Big Fish.” I’ve seen it literally thousands of times in my six decades of fly fishing across the globe. For example, I’m head to Alaska in July with my friend, Dave Graebel. He loves to catch the big rainbows on dries, and we […]

Camp Flies

Nancy and I have been camping, spending some great time together in the wonderful forest lands of the U.S. In addition to the usual “camp chores,” there’s time for some needed reading, writing, lounging, fishing or course, and generally resetting one’s self. I also took some time to dress flies for a soon-upcoming trip to […]

Trolling and Drifting

Another excerpt from our upcoming book Long Flies. This story is “hot off the press” because it’s a story about a fishing experience I had last week in Alaska. Some anglers have difficulty considering these actual fly fishing tactics, and that’s okay as long as they don’t try to make others stop using these tactics. […]

The Baitfish From L–Upstream

This story is from last week’s Alaska trip and will appear in our forthcoming book, Long Flies. The week was cold, rainy and very windy. We had one afternoon of sun, and that happened to be the day the chums were on the shallow bars.It was fishing extraordinaire, as the story tells.   Alaska’s Alagnak […]

Alaska 2011-1

I’ve just returned from Alaska after a week’s fishing at the No-See-Um Lodge ( with Dave Graebel, Scott Snead, and Les Adams. John Holman, owner of No See Um, did a wonderful job of hosting us and providing positive information on fishing in some of the worst conditions that Alaska can offer in July. It […]