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Austria Day 5

Today was a bit sunny with high overcast that gradually thickened to cloud cover by 6pm. Because it was Saturday, there were quite a few anglers on the water, and I had to pick and choose a bit more carefully than during the week. Right away in the morning, I took a 46 cm (18 […]

Austria Day 4

Today was diametrically opposite yesterday. Dawn came early and bright, with a bit of fog, but that soon burned off, and we had an absolutely blue-bird day. The Ager was up about 10 cm (4 inches) and just a tiny bit off color. Not to worry. The fish got started a bit later in the […]

Austria Day 3

Today was one of those days that only increases one’s distrust of the weatherman. Supposedly it was going to be medium overcast with a few scattered showers. Not. It was heavy overcast and rain, rain, rain. The fish were not as active as I had supposed (and hoped) they might be—they knew what was coming, […]

Austria Day 2

It was another bright and sunny day, and I returned to the Ager River. As on all bright days, unless there is a hatch to get the fish up, they stay deep and hidden. Still in the morning I did hook a very big rainbow on a Knotted Egg. It ran upstream through a wing […]

Austria Day 1

The day dawned bright and stayed bright. Great for fishing, not so great for catching. However, a few fish cooperated and everyone that fished today caught some fish. I fished the Ager River with an egg fly and other nymphs and hooked six, and landed three. In a stretch that look like the Madison, I […]

Opening the Season in Austria

My friend Exequiel Bustos from Mendoza, Argentina, just returned from conducting classes on the Codihue in northern Patagonia. The water was low, and the big fish could be seen holding in the very clear, shallow flows. A number of them broke off, but Exequiel managed to land some very nice rainbows on small nymphs. Of […]

Fishing in Austria, 2013, Days 3 & 4

Thursday, April 18, was hot and sunny with a strong Chinook wind from the Alps. Not a good day for fishing. The fish felt the pressure change and the bright sun, and basically went deep and stayed there. All the fish that I had seen in a variety of places on the Ager were nowhere […]

Austria Fishing Day 2

      On  Wednesday April 17, Hans Aigner fished the Ager River with Jorg Schuft and me. Hans began guiding for Hans Gebetsroither in 1959 when he was just 12 years old, and fished with a large variety of world class anglers over the years, including Joe Brooks. On today’s outing, Hans caught his first […]


I am headed to Germany tomorrow to participate in the EWF–Europe’s largest fly fishing show: see more here. Then, on to fish in Austria. More posts to follow as time and travel allow.