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Atlanta Fly Fishing Show 2018

This, the second annual Fly Fishing Show in Atlanta, was a great time. It was not just southern hospitality that kept the crowds coming in all day, and flocking to the talks and demonstrations. Everyone was enthusiastic about what they saw at the show—both in the vendor booths, and in the talks and demonstrations. The […]

Fall Albies 2017

The fall alibi fishing has been exceptional, and our friend, Capt’n Jake Jordan has been right on top of all of it. My long-time friend, Chick Furimsky, founder of The Fly Fishing Show, had a chance to fish with Jake a week or so ago. They really did well. Trouble is, the sharks were in […]

The Fly Fishing Show Pleasanton Day 2

The second day is always the busiest. A fly casting class from 8:30 to 11, and then a Power Point Program (Reading Waters), a casting demo, a fly tying demo, and a stint in the author’s booth. All fun, but also tiring. But, the Show must go on. The casting demo is always fun because […]

Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show 2014

This year’s Pleasanton Show was busy, and then some. The weather cooperated, filling each of the daylight hours with warm sunshine, and a flat wind. Thus, the casting demos that I did on the outside pond were perfect. The crowd not only knew the answer the question, “What is the perfect cast?” (the one that […]

John was Stunned

I just had an email from my long time friend and fishing companion, John Beth, that had nothing to do with fishing or knives! But, it was a fabulous bit of news. John’s daughter, Kjersti, entered and won the Ms. Wisconsin Untied States competition the other night. John writes, This national event has 4 age […]

Free Wrist Grip

This grip was promoted as a very relaxing, easy-to-use way to hold the rod. It is used for wrist casting or arm-assisted wrist casting. One merely grasps the fly rod like a suitcase handle. The fingers and thumb wrap around the rod in the most comfortable position for the caster. While this really is a […]

Hen Saddles

The search for more genetic chicken feathers has lead to the development of some rather stunning hen saddle capes which are useful for a wide variety of flies, one of which is the Hen Matuka (which see). These capes are available from Dave Roberts at Have a look. Dave also offers a great many […]

Saddle Hackle Scarcity

Saddle hackles are hard to find. Not because the chickens aren’t making them, but because the fashion industry has discovered them, for garments and hair adornments. My friend, Henry Kanemoto, sent me this photo–have a look.


In the olden days, one was sent to the woodshed to receive a good spanking for disobedience. Well, I’ve been to the woodshed, but not for punishment. Rather, for a work of love. Nancy is a creator of wood art on the lath, and needed a place to store her wood. She generously allowed me […]

International Fly Tying Symposium, part 1

The International Fly Tying Symposium was held in Somerset, NY the weekend before Thanksgiving. It’s a great event for anyone who loves the art and craft of fly tying. I always enjoy seeing the great display of the creative human spirit emerging in everything from emergers to monster mice and way beyond. And I enjoy […]