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Denver Show 2017 Days 1 & 2

  The Fly Fishing Show season begins at Denver, CO and heads s to Marlborough, MA, Somerset, NJ, Atlanta, GA, Lynwood WA, Pleasanton, CA, and Lancaster, PA. This year the opening of the Show in Denver looked potentially thin because of a snow storm the day before and very cold temperatures. Fly fishers are not […]

Fly Cast Painting

Ben Miller, an artist living in Bozeman, MT, recently sent me some photos of his very unique work. He calls it Fly Cast Painting. Using a piece of yarn attached to his fly rod, he “casts” his abstract paintings to reflect the character and mood of Montana rivers. They are lovely—see them here.

Spare Time Exploits

What do fly fisher’s do when not fishing. Many of us tie flies, but that can’t occupy every brain cell. Theo Bakelaar is certainly a fly fisher and fly tyer, but his other interests run to things like the carving that you see below. This one features a polished figure standing in the stone from […]

St. San Zeno

Jason sent me a recent communication that he had about early fishing in Italy; it included a photo of a painting of the patron saint of fishing, St. San Zeno. The painting was from 1538 and shows him with a rod, horsehair line, and a cast of three flies! Rather amazing.

Fish Fight for Frost Flies

Carrie J. Frost was born in La Crosse Wisconsin Oct. 14, 1868, and educated as a teacher. She started tying flies for her father and his friends in 1880, but in 1896 opened a fly tying firm under the name of Miss C. J. Frost. She employed other women in the Stevens Point area to […]

Purchasing GB Flies

At regular intervals I receive requests from collectors for my flies. I am happy to provide these, The cost per fly is $15.00 to $30.00, postage paid in the US, depending upon the complexity of the imitation. International postage is an additional $5.00 per fly.  Cost for large international orders will be quoted separately. See […]

Mallard Products

My friend, Marcelo Malventano. now has a site where one can purchase his fly art. have a look:

Strid Art

When I was speaking to the Anglers Club of Philadelphia, I had the opportunity to meet Peter Strid, whose art is based in fishing but splashes to others related areas as well. He had donated a print of a brookie for the silent auction, and I was taken by the fact that the fish was […]

Jeff Currier

In the posts on the Pleasanton, CA, show, I mentioned Jeff Currier and his art. You can see more of Jeff’s efforts at He’s got lots of info on his blog, so go have a look.

A Vector Fly

Jason has been working on the art for our first book in the “Fly Fishing” anthology, “Fishing the Film” Here’s a sample of “vector” art that will appear in the book, along with sketches, illustrations, and other art forms. Watch for the soon to be released date of publication of this book.