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Aliens and Whales You Say?

How does he do it? Chuck Furimski was fishing with our mutual friends from Holland, Theo Bakelaar and Harry Schoel, for stripers and blues. They managed no fish, but did get all sorts of “aliens.” Chuck nailed a nice squid, Theo hung a dog shark, and then a ray.  Now that’s a fine assortment if […]

Ben’s Big Striper

Today I awoke to a very brisk morning and bitingly cold wind here in Ocean City–not a day to be out on the ocean, at least to my way of thinking. But in late morning, Ben Furimsky headed out with a friend as the Gale Warnings waned and the sun weakly heated the mid-day air. […]


I’m headed to the International Fly Tying Symposium next week. Several of us are meeting a few days early with Chuck Furimsky, owner and manager of the show, in the hopes that the stripers will be there. Of course, Chuck has been “exploring” the back bays for us, just in case the ocean is too […]

Marlin on the Fly

Capt’n Jake Jordan offers a great trip for marlin sand/or sailfish on the fly. Here’s a report from one day of his recent three day trip. Wednesday Morning, 3:30 AM we woke up, washed up, ate great hot a breakfast of sausage, eggs, toast, and good Costa Rican coffee around 4:30. The crew then pulled the sea anchor and began […]

Rattle Flies

I added this fly to the end of my last post on the International Fly Tying Symposium, but I wanted to do a separate post on it just to call everyone’s attention to this novel, and very effective technique. Rattle flies always rattled me a bit as a tier because they required a rattle chamber […]

The Knee Set

Today dawned cold and cloudy in Ocean City, NJ, and it stayed just that way. Chuck Furimsky and I ran out to several bridges and plumbed the cloudy water under them for whatever would eat our flies. The electronics told us there was a little bait around, but we saw nothing of any size on […]

Holland Sea Bass

My good friend, Theo Bakelaar, and I were talking about Striped Bass, and he told me that there is a fish in Holland that they call the Sea Bass, which fights even harder and tastes better than any other fish. Theo takes them on Clouser Deep Minnows and his eel skin flies. They run from […]

Fall Blues and Stripers

After the International Fly Tying Symposium, Chuck and Ben Furinsky, and our friend from Holland, Theo Bakelaar, went searching for blues and stripers. They fished all day and finally found three large flocks of birds diving over bait. The fish were there and all of them were into both blues a stripers for they couple […]

Michael & Emily’s Wedding

This weekend was an exciting and fun time in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. I was honored to serve as the officiant at Michael Maoui and Emily Hocks’ wedding, held at the Twin Lights Historic Site. From the site, one can see across Sandy Hook to the skyline of Manhattan. This site was not chosen at […]

BIG Albies

My friend, Chuck Furimsky headed south last week with his friend, Frank Surjansky, to fish with our mutual friend, Captain Jake Jordan. What a trip it turned out to be. Chuck called to talk about it, and then Jake sent our his email report. Have a look. October 16, 2011; North wind at 15, cold […]