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Chuck and Jake 5/5/16

Chuck Furimsky, founder of The fly Fishing Show, is pounding the tarpon with Jake Jordan. Jake specializes in night fishing for these beasts, and is quite adept at it. Opening night was last night, and Chuck hung one of 90 to 100 pounds. After landing it, he hooked a second fish that jumped off the […]

Tarpon Time 2016

The time of the tarpon for 2016 is here. Capt’n Jake Jordan is back on his boat, the “Fly Reel,” and fishing for tarpon in the Florida Keys in the dark hours. I have not yet done this with Jake, but I have talked to him many times about fishing after dark for these big […]

Night Tarpon

Jake Jordan is still at it, and still delighting his clients with big tarpon at night—a true experience in terror. Well, maybe not terror, but certainly an adrenaline rush and a half. Imagine hooking one if these beasts in total darkness and all you can sense is a lot of very loud splashing and the […]

Night-time Tarpon

My friend, Jake Jordan, is back at it again. He’s the night-time tarpon king. He knows where the fish will be, and he’s got the flies and tactics for taking them. Perhaps the greatest thrill of catching a big tarpon at night is the sheer terror of it all—just look at those eyes! Well, not […]

My friend, jake Jordan, had a rather serious health problem on his drive home a couple of weeks ago. He is doing much better, now, and files the following report that should be of great interest to anyone really wanting to nail a bill fish or catch a big tarpon in the dark hours. Greetings […]

Tarpon in the Dark

Capt’n Jake Jordan is catching tarpon every night—yup, he specializes in night fishing for the big silvers ‘poons. Check out his link to the right. He still has a few openings for the adventurous angler who wants to mix it up with these big fish in the dark.

One Big Tarpon

My friend, Capt’n jake Jordan is laid up recovering from hip surgery. But, his heart is still out there on the flats fishing for Tarpon, Bones, and whatever will eat his fly. He sent along some photos of a huge tarpon that his friend, Pat Ford, recent took in the keys. It was caught with […]

Ghost Tarpon

They look big in the daytime, and they are, but at night, they look even bigger, and they look ghostly. Here are a couple of shots from Capt’n Jake Jordan. For those  that  want to experience both the thrill and the terror of fishing for giants at night, this is a particular specialty of Jake’s. […]

Tarpon at Night

My good  friend, Chuck Furimsky, flunder and director of the Fly Fishing Shows, had a chance to fish with our mutual pal, Jake Jordan.. The tarpon were hungry and the weather was cooperative. Here’s Jake’s report. If yoou have time on your schedule, get in touch with Jaske. You will have the time of your […]

More Night Tarpon

My old friend, Cap’t Jake Jordon is having a great tarpon season. The excitement of catching a big tarpon is only exceeded by catching them after dark. Here’s his latest report. Greetings from Tarpon World April 18, 2012: Tonight, Ann McComas (originally from Woodstown NJ) replaced her ill husband Jim to fly fish with Brian Long […]