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One Big Tarpon

My friend, Capt’n jake Jordan is laid up recovering from hip surgery. But, his heart is still out there on the flats fishing for Tarpon, Bones, and whatever will eat his fly. He sent along some photos of a huge tarpon that his friend, Pat Ford, recent took in the keys. It was caught with […]

John was Stunned

I just had an email from my long time friend and fishing companion, John Beth, that had nothing to do with fishing or knives! But, it was a fabulous bit of news. John’s daughter, Kjersti, entered and won the Ms. Wisconsin Untied States competition the other night. John writes, This national event has 4 age […]

Theo’s Trout Sandwich

Not a sandwich made of trout, but a sandwich made for trout. The long winters in Holland have a way of messing with one’s mind. In this case, the mind of a great fly tyer and fly fisher. Looks tasty to me!

Sails are on!

I had a note from my friend, Capt’n Jake Jordan, and it seems that the sail fish are turned on and tuned in. Here’s his note. If you’re interested in catching a sailfish on a fly, Jake’s the guy. You can contact him through his link at the right. Greetings from Casa Vieja Lodge: Here […]

Santa Jake Jordan

I received a fun Christmas card from Capt’n Jake Jordan. This was a seriously planned card, not just a shot of a guy holding a fish. Jake took Santa fishing, and proved that’s been a good boy. Santa nailed some nice Albies and jake got some great Christmas presents! Merry Christmas to everyone!

Sails at Casa Vieja Lodge

The sails are  taking the fly–sailfish that is. Here’s a recent report from My old friend, Capt’n Jake Jordan. Greetings from Casa Vieja Lodge:     December 19, 2012: This morning after another great breakfast served at Casa Vieja Lodge,  Brent Kitson, Dave Fudurich, and I,  joined Captain Mike Sheeder with mates Flaco and Ricardo aboard “Intensity” for day three of […]

Strange Pike

Our friend from Holland, Theo Baakelar, sent a picture of a pike that he recently caught. It definitely was turning up its nose at everyone else’s flies, but when Theo showed him the special pike flies that he uses, well, that pike just couldn’t refuse.

Becoming an Angler as Predator

Keith Chessell from Australia sent me the following note. It is an excellent story of an angler developing all-around skills of the Angler as Predator that allow him to fish under any and all conditions. Hi Gary, I’d like to share a bit of a revelation concerning your book ‘Presentation’ that I got from you […]

New to Fly Fishing

Theo Baakelar sent along a photo of his newest fly fishing student. More of us need lovely blondes like this in our classes!

Highland Browns

As promised, Theo Bakelaar has sent along a photo essay on fishing the mountain streams and lochs (lakes) of the Scottish Highlands for brown trout. The morning starts early. Today will be a walk into the high country lochs and the small streams that feed them in search of absolutely wild, native browns. The hike […]