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NZ Brown Rising

My friend, Bob Mead, sent along a URL to a great bit of footage of a big brown rising on a river in Central Otaga in New Zealand. I’ve fished that area many times and love the country, the people, and the fish. Watch closely, you can see the damselflies hovering over the water as […]

Ugly but a Record?

A new world record is in the offing for the brown trout. Just recently a 42 pound 1 ounce monster was hauled out of the waters of New Zealand just downstream from a salmon farm. The pig brown had been chowing down on salmon food and put on more than a few pounds. The current […]

NZ Fishing with Martin Langlands

I had a nice comment from Michael about fishing with Martin in NZ. I’ll let Michael tell it in his words. See the link to Martin to the right. I have just spend eleven days fishing with Martin in the Canterbury area and I gladly give my testimony. Martin accommodated our wishes in every respect […]

Trout Lands NZ Fly Fshing at its Best

When Bob Pelzl and i filmed South Island Sampler in 1986, we had the help of a young man named Martin Langlands. Martin is now very much a well-known guide on the South Island, with a good reputation for finding big fish. You can see his operation at Great fishing with a very solid […]