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The Single Best Book on Fly Casting Ever Written

Sooner or later, someone had to do it, and Jason has done it. Fly Casting is the core element of fly fishing, and the more one understands about the nuances of this skill, the better. But Jason has taken a new twist—the modular approach. It shows one how to build skill upon skill allowing anyone […]

Casting Classes

The Fly Fishing Shows are a great place to get half-day casting classes at an exceptionally good price. I offer them as space allows at the shows I attend. This year I will be at Denver, Somerset, Pleasanton, and Lancaster. The casting classes are always fun, and everyone comes away with some new understandings and […]

Big Fly, Big Fish

One of the premises of my book “Long Flies” is “Big Fly, Big Fish.” I’ve seen it literally thousands of times in my six decades of fly fishing across the globe. For example, I’m head to Alaska in July with my friend, Dave Graebel. He loves to catch the big rainbows on dries, and we […]

Tippet Rings

I had a note from Jack DeHaven on tippet rings—he has found a good source for 2 mm rings at a fair price. Have a look here: Thanks for the heads-up Jack.


FOR CURRENT BLOG POSTS, SCROLL DOWN BELOW THESE ANNOUNCEMENTS   After a few minor complications that have been fully cleared up, FLY GEAR is here. This was an exciting book to write, with a deep look into the gear than makes fly fishing such an interesting sport. Until February 15th it is being offered at […]

The Perfect Cast I

My blog has been neglected these last few weeks because of The Perfect Cast I, my next book in the Fly Fishing Series, and a new DVD that I shot this fall. Editing the DVD is a very time consuming process, but a rewarding one as well. The DVD will certainly be ready for the […]

Near Lack of Posts

There are a several reasons that I have been a bit “thin” in my blog posts of late. (1) Jason and I have put book 5 in the Fly Fishing series to bed. It is at the presses and will be released  on November 21. Watch for a pre-release sales announcement next week.  (2) I […]

Wets in the Highland Lochs

I’m always working several books ahead, gathering material, planning chapters, writing stories, and so on. Here’s a snippet from book nine–Nymphs and Wets Our friend, Theo Bakelaar, from Holland, spends time each year in Scotland, fishing for Atlantic Salmon, and fishing for brown trout in the streams and lochs (lakes) of that country. It is […]

Casamar Clincher

Book number four in the Fly Fishing Series, The Angler as Predator is out! I will be shipping books later this week. Book number five entitled Fly Gear, is written and is being edited.  I am shooting photos of knots and doing other such tasks for final book assembly. One of the knots that is […]

Long Fly Eaters

Our friend Theo Baakelar sent a photo of a striper that ate his Eel Skin imitation of a Sand Eel while we were fishing in the fall of 2011. There is no doubt that big fish want to eat big bait. And eat they do. The striper definitely has the fly well in its mouth […]