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Tippet or Leader Rings

During the recent Fly Fishing Shows, I discussed the use of “tippet rings” or “leader rings.” There were many who could not find them at local shops. Here is a source for these items—really “jump rings”—from the jewelry making industry: 3mm brass rings 3mm sterling silver rings 2.15 mm rings I carry my leader rings […]

Uni-Body to Harvey Style Leader

I had a note from Jeff Passante asking how to convert the Uni-Body nymphing leader into a Harvey style leader for dry fly fishing. I want to expand on the reply I sent to him. The Uni-Body leader is one that I modify as needed to allow me to fish nymphs, dries, long flies, poppers, […]

Trolling and Drifting

Another excerpt from our upcoming book Long Flies. This story is “hot off the press” because it’s a story about a fishing experience I had last week in Alaska. Some anglers have difficulty considering these actual fly fishing tactics, and that’s okay as long as they don’t try to make others stop using these tactics. […]

Tippet Rings

These are also known as micro-rings because they are indeed micro. They’re called tippet rings because they are attached to the end of the leader body (butt section plus tapered section) as an attachment point for the tippet. OK, how micro is micro? Well, they come in 2 mm and 3 mm sizes (that’s about […]

The Connector and the Perfection Loop

Tying the Nailess Nail Knot every time one needs or wants to change a leader is a real pain in the back side. In addition it requires that the line be trimmed back an inch or two with each change, This is good for line manufacturers because one would need to buy new lines on […]

Denver Fly Fishing Show, Day 1

I left home yesterday, but got grounded in Minneapolis by a heavy snow storm. After a night in a local hotel, I continued on to Denver early this morning, getting here at the Merchandise Mart an hour before my first presentation on Fly Tying. This was immediately followed by a program on Nymphing. An hour […]

Nailess Nail Knot

Sounds a bit like an oxymoron, but it’s so easy and so fast to tie, that even oxen can do it. The nail knot has been around for a long, long time, and it’s a really great way to attach the leader to the fly line. I actually attach a 12—15 inch piece of leader […]

5/7 Blood Knot

The Blood Knot is an excellent way to connect two pieces of monofilament. It’s thin in diameter and very clean (no protruding bits to catch weeds or other obstructions). Back in the days of gut leaders it was the knot of choice. When nylon appeared, the Blood Knot hung on, but with the same restriction […]