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Harry’s Big Rainbow

Harry Schoel, from Holland, and a mutual friend of Chuck Furimsky and mine, likes to arrived a week or two early for the International Fly Tying Symposium to spend time with Chuck, perhaps going to a football game at Penn State, but certainly trout fishing, weather permitting. And then, a couple of days before the […]

Time of the Carp

The Polar Vortex rotated down over the US this year, giving Europe a very mild winter and early spring. Theo Bakelaar recently wrote that the daytime temperatures in Holland are near 70F, and the carp are moving into shallow water, seeking the warmth. Of course, that means carp fishing time. Carp are powerful brutes, and […]

Clydehurst Christian Ranch

This weekend (Sept. 13-15) I am at the Clydehurst Christian Ranch on the Boulder River in Montana teaching fly fishing with my friend Marc Williamson. Today was a fishing day for us. In addition to the fact that it was fun, it was also a necessity because we want to be able to advise those […]

Wing Shooting, The Jumping Nymph, and Feeling for the Fish in Holland

Fishing for cruising browns and rainbows in the near-shore shallows of lakes, like fishing for bones on the flats, is one of the most exciting of all fishing experiences. One sees the fish, one sees the take, and the fight is always fast and furious as the fish heads for deep water. It’s a time […]

The Day After

The day after the Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing event in Colorado, I was privileged to spend a day fishing. The weather was a bit on the cold and windy side—in fact, we awoke to snow showers. Still, fishing is fishing, and the four of us that had the day to fish bundled up warm […]

Austria Fishing Day 2

      On  Wednesday April 17, Hans Aigner fished the Ager River with Jorg Schuft and me. Hans began guiding for Hans Gebetsroither in 1959 when he was just 12 years old, and fished with a large variety of world class anglers over the years, including Joe Brooks. On today’s outing, Hans caught his first […]

Spring Steelies

This spring has been a difficult one for the steelhead fishers here in Wisconsin. Too much water. Cold and ugly weather is no problem, but rivers that are ripping at 5000 cfs when they normally flow around 200 cfs are just too much of a challenge. Well, one of our favorite rivers took a brief […]

South Africa’s Yellowfish

South African fly fishers have both rainbow and brown trout that can be sought with imitations of feathers, fur, and steel, but like anglers everywhere, many fly rodders seek other species as well. The yellowfish is a group of giant minnows of the family Cyprinidae that fits the fly fisher’s bill very well. They feed […]

Salmon River Steelies & Browns 2011

Sunday, November 13, saw me driving north and east to Pulaski New York to meet with my long-time friend, Gary Edwards, his son Jason, and their friend Mike Ringer, a well-known artist specializing in outdoor scenes in water colors.  for a two-day excursion on the lower Salmon River. The Salmon is noted for its great […]

The Popping Indicator

It was an invitation that had been several years in my fulfilling. Dave Graebel had graciously invited me to fish his King Creek Ranch in Colorado a number of times, but speaking engagements, writing assignments, and other work related projects had blocked my way, until now. Nancy and I had a clear spot on the […]