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Brooke’s First Fish

Granddaughter Brooke had her first fishing outing with Jason (dada) on Sunday (July 24, 2016). She used her Echo Gecko rod-7’9” for 4/5 line–to cast to and catch bluegills and bluegills and bluegills. She selected the flies to use-all dries-and cast two handed. The Echo is designed so that young kids can use it two […]

Tricos on the ‘Horn

Marc Williamson and I fished Montana’s Bighorn yesterday (9/9/15). There was a Trico hatch and spinner fall that was incredible. Biggest I’ve ever seen. The duns were on the water from daylight to about 8:30 am. They also hatch at night, so we were probably on the tail end of the emergence. Marc and I […]

Highland Browns

As promised, Theo Bakelaar has sent along a photo essay on fishing the mountain streams and lochs (lakes) of the Scottish Highlands for brown trout. The morning starts early. Today will be a walk into the high country lochs and the small streams that feed them in search of absolutely wild, native browns. The hike […]

Marker Fly

The Madison River often gives up its fish with some reluctance, like a small child not wanting to share candies but being encouraged to do so by a watchful parent. At least that’s the idea that one often gets when fishing under a bright sun—as is often the case in Montana’s summer. But nightfall brings […]

Devil Bug

Here’s another caddis design that I find exceptional. Others have fished it with shot like a nymph, pulled it under and fished it with a rapid retrieve, and many other ways. It’s one of my favorites for the Down Dry/Up Wet tactic discussed in Fishing the Film. All you need is some deer hair and […]

GB Reads Fishing the Film

Well, well, well. The advance copy is a beauty to be sure. Our printers did a bang up job, but it wouldn’t have been much without Jason’s dedicated skill and pre-press efforts. There is still time to get your pre-publication price, postage and handling included. See the post below on Fishing the Film pre-orders.

The “C” Pickup

Of all the  line pickups (did you catch that) (yes, puns intended) the “C” Pickup is perhaps my most favorite. It allows the angler to clean the line smoothly off the surface and dry a fly if needed, without the need for  a false cast. Here’s a description of the “C” Pickup from our forthcoming […]

Refraction 101

Refraction is the bending of light as it passes from a medium of one optical density into a medium of a different optical density, as from air to water or water into air. The amount of bending is dependent upon the incident angle of the light.  In the diagram below, a light ray, “A” strikes […]

The Acoustic Footprint

Fly fishers have spent an inordinate amount of  time studying the visual acuity of trout. That’s good because it has given us some remarkable data that have helped shape not only our flies but also our angling tactics and the clothing we wear. But, in the process, we have neglected the acoustic acuity of fish. […]

Under Water Oz

My friend, Ozzie Ozefovich, has been shooting underwater footage of trout for years, and has produced a couple of revealing DVD’s on the life and times of trout. His latest DVD will be released later this month. Entitled “Trout Vision and Refraction,’ it is an excellent look at these phenomena. The underwater shots through the […]