Bead Threader

Otter’s Eggs are great imitations for the likes of browns, steelies, and salmon, and Walt Mueller (The Otter), has devised a great way to peg them on thee leader about 3 to 4 inches above the hook. He slips a tiny bead on the leader, secures it with a couple of turns through the hole in the bead and the slides an egg onto the bead. All well and good, and they loo great. But hold on there, partner. I discovered very quickly that frigid hands do not make good bead holders–especially the small beads that are needed. So, I slip 25 beads onto a floss threader and then melt the straight end to form a lump that holds the beads on. They don’t come off the other end on their own because of the loop in the threader. When I need one, I slip the end of the tippet through the loop of the threader and pull the bead off onto the tippet. I then tie a single overhand knot, making two turns through the loop of the knot. This holds the bead securely and will not weaken the tippet (the knot never comes tight on itself because the bead is in the loop of the knot). This works well even when one is bundled tight against the north winds of mid to late November.

Beads threaded onto floss threaders in the warmth of my tying room. These are much easier to add to the leader in the cold outside air of November. Thread the beads onto a floss threader in the warmth and comfort of your home. They are much easier to get on the leader in the cold of the out-of-doors in late fall.