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Tippet Rings

I had a note from Jack DeHaven on tippet rings—he has found a good source for 2 mm rings at a fair price. Have a look here: Thanks for the heads-up Jack.


FOR CURRENT BLOG POSTS, SCROLL DOWN BELOW THESE ANNOUNCEMENTS   After a few minor complications that have been fully cleared up, FLY GEAR is here. This was an exciting book to write, with a deep look into the gear than makes fly fishing such an interesting sport. Until February 15th it is being offered at […]

Casamar Clincher

Book number four in the Fly Fishing Series, The Angler as Predator is out! I will be shipping books later this week. Book number five entitled Fly Gear, is written and is being edited.  I am shooting photos of knots and doing other such tasks for final book assembly. One of the knots that is […]