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Big Fly, Big Fish

One of the premises of my book “Long Flies” is “Big Fly, Big Fish.” I’ve seen it literally thousands of times in my six decades of fly fishing across the globe. For example, I’m head to Alaska in July with my friend, Dave Graebel. He loves to catch the big rainbows on dries, and we […]

Long Fly Eaters

Our friend Theo Baakelar sent a photo of a striper that ate his Eel Skin imitation of a Sand Eel while we were fishing in the fall of 2011. There is no doubt that big fish want to eat big bait. And eat they do. The striper definitely has the fly well in its mouth […]

Only a Few Days Remain

Only a few days remain in the Pre-Release offer for Long Flies. I’ve been signing books all week, and want to say thank you very much to those of you who participated in this event. For those still waiting, now is the time; the offer expires on April 22rd. The book is just $25.00, personalized […]

Ask About Fly Fishing with Roger Maves

Last evening (Wed. April 18th, 2012) I appeared on Ask About Fly Fishing to discuss Long Flies. We discussed the 10 groups of long flies including bucktails, streamers, strip flies, muddlers and divers, collared flies, etc. We also talked about tying tactics and fishing techniques for long flies. Listeners sent in emails that we discussed […]

Long Flies is Shipping

The books are here, and I’m shipping them to all those on the Series Pass list and all who have purchased books under the pre-release offer. Because I will be traveling and unable to sign books for the next five days or so, the publisher has agreed to extend the pre-release offer for another week, […]

Long Flies is Coming Off the Presses

Long Flies, book three in our Fly Fishing series is coming off the presses and headed into the bindery. It will be done in just a few days, and I will have copies to ship to those who have pre-ordered inscribed copies. For those that still want to purchase a pre-release copy of Long Flies […]

Baitfish From L Upstream

Long Flies will be off the press in about a week. I should have my advance copy by April 5th. Copies should begin shipping the next week. In the meantime, here’s another look “under the hood,” as it were. Below is a story about the Baitfish from L, a tactic that I developed for fishing […]

Long Flies & Big Fish

As I’ve noted a couple of times in the past few weeks, the next book in the Fly Fishing series, entitled Long Flies—Streamers, Bucktails, & Other Big Fish Flies, is at the press and will be available the first week in April. Below is an excerpt from Chapter One. It’s a story about fishing for […]

Long Flies—the Hen Saddle Matuka

I’ve had a request to show the tying steps for the Hen Saddle Matuka. This fly is a nod to the original Matuka, developed in New Zealand in the early 1900s and used to fish for the absolutely monster rainbows on the North Island, and well as the huge browns on the South Island. The […]

Long Flies—Pre-Release Special

PRE-RELEASE SPECIAL OFFER Order now and SAVE. First One Hundred Orders—available only until April 15th. Books Ship First Part of April. Fly Fishing, the Book Series, Volume Three: Long Flies—Streamers, Bucktails, and Other Big Fish Flies. The term “long flies” is more than just a slightly enigmatic name for a book, it’s a topic that […]