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The Angler as Predator–A Wrinkle in the Water

Eagles are great fishers. And from the look in the eye of this one that our friend, Theo Baakelar photographed in Holland, it’s certainly the Angler as Predator. Our Book, The Angler as Predator, is racing ever forward toward the presses. Jason is putting the last touches on the layout and design. Watch for a […]

Becoming an Angler as Predator

Keith Chessell from Australia sent me the following note. It is an excellent story of an angler developing all-around skills of the Angler as Predator that allow him to fish under any and all conditions. Hi Gary, I’d like to share a bit of a revelation concerning your book ‘Presentation’ that I got from you […]

Trouting in South Africa

South Africa has a robust trout population. They were introduced into both lakes and streams near the end of the 1800s. Like trout everywhere, they can be highly selective one day and pigs at the trough the next. Gerrit Redpath send me a note on a recent trouting trip he made  with his family into […]

Stick Fish

Jason is just finishing the layout and design of book four in the Fly Fishing series. It’s title is The Angler as Predator, and this story is from Chapter One. Watch for more excerpts as we get closer to publication date. ********** I’d fished the upper Test several times before, but this time, I was […]

The Angler as Predator

Jason and I are putting the final touches on The Angler as Predator, book four in the “Fly Fishing” series. Here’s a list of chapter titles. Coming soon–excerpts from the book. Watch for them. Chapter One: The Predator Chapter Two: The Pretender Chapter Three: The Hunter Chapter Four: Home Chapter Five: The Better to See […]

Bugskin Flatfish (Baby Flounder)

My friend, Chuck Furimsky, founder and manager of The Fly Fishing Shows, is also the developer of Bugskin. It’s a thin leather product used in fly tying. Well, Chuck was cleaning a striper and found 3 baby flounders in its stomach. So what else could he do but tie a baby flounder fly? He found […]

Tarpon on the Fly at Night

Well, my old friend Jake Jordan doesn’t use a Gray Ghost for his tarpon fishing, but he certainly takes a lot of big fish on long flies at night. Night fishing for big browns is very exciting. Imagine what catching a 100 pound-plus tarpon is like–especially with the added thrill of sharks that can’t be […]

Tasmanian Dragons by Night

This is a story from our forthcoming book four in the “Fly Fishing” series. The title of the book is The Angler as Predator, and the story is from the chapter on fishing at night. Jason and I had been invited by the Tasmanian Tourist Board to spend a couple of weeks exploring the fishing […]

Jake Jordan’s HUGE Blue Marlin

My friend, Captain Jake Jordan, recently landed what would most certainly have been a new world record Blue Marlin on the fly rod. He refused to kill the fish, and so it will have to stand as an unofficial record. He deserves praise and thanks for this unselfish act. Here’s the report from his skipper: […]

Rocky Reef Lakers

I’m just back from an exploratory trip to Canada for lake trout. The trip was a success, providing not only a fun time but fodder for a story. This story, or versions thereof, will appear in three of our forthcoming books: Long Flies, The  Angler as Predator, and Fly Designing. Watch for the elements of […]