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WELCOME TO GARYBORGER.COM Fly fishing is a wonderful sport with a host of lessons that continue for a lifetime. These lessons are far-ranging, and as deep as the angler cares to wade. That’s a part of the charm of the sport. This site is dedicated to exposing the fly fisher to the entirety of the sport and all the excitement, fun, and adventure that every facet offers. And to that end, I have elected to include lessons and anecdotes on all aspects of fly fishing on this site.

But there’s so much more to fly fishing than just learning how to catch more fish. Sure that’s significant in the overall picture, but there’s also another whole world of gear, fly tying materials and design tactics, the study of all aspects of the life of the fish and its food organisms, the ecology of rivers, lakes, and oceans, collecting books and videos, travel adventures, friendships, sports shows, schools, and so much more, and so I have included articles on these topics as well. Christian fly fishers can find Gospel insights at Jacob’s Well (site coming soon).


  1. JB says:

    Welcome to the fly-fishing blogosphere GB!


  2. Grunde says:


    welcome to the blogsphere GB!

    Looking forward to follow your blog posts in the future like I’ve enjoyed your books in the past.


  3. Gary Borger says:

    @Jason and Grunde, Thanks for the welcoming comments.

  4. Aitor says:

    Nice surprise, Gary. Blog bookmarked! :^)

    My best,

  5. Daniel says:

    Im very excited this site is up and running. I have learned a lot from you Mr. Borger and I hope to learn more. I can’t wait for Jacob’s Well, it is such a good idea.


  6. Dan Knox says:

    Dear Mr. Borger,
    It has been a long wait; it is wonderful to see your site is up and running. I look forward to reading your wisdom, on fly fishing and other things.
    Dan Knox
    Ambridge, PA

  7. Joshua Brophy says:

    I cant tell you Gary just how mutch joy you have added to my life! I first watched your instructional videos “trout in still waters and fly fishing for trout” when I was 14 years old and now Im almost 27 and I still learn from them as well as your book Presentation. Gary the Lord blessed me with your insightfully masterful works and I just wanna say thanks for the many good times I have to reflect on both in and out of the river. I owe all my trout and understanding of fly fishing to you. THANKS!!!!!

  8. Gary Borger says:

    Joshua, Thanks you very much for your gracious comments. I’m headed out after browns and steelhead, cohos and kings tomorrow–I’ll catch one for you. My best, Gary

  9. Joshua Brophy says:

    Thanks Gary!! I was wondering where I might get a dull textured 6 weight WF floating line???

  10. Gary Borger says:

    Joshua, By dull textured, I assume you mean less light reflective, as in dull colored. Any line that is green, tan, brown, gray, pale yellow, blue, olive, etc. will reflect much less light than bright white or fluorescent colors. Light flash is the baddie. I’ll post some dying info.

  11. John Stoeckel says:

    Great blog. I just discovered it today, but had to look through all of the old posts since there was so much great informaton.

    I’ve been a big fan sicne getting a copy of Nymphing years ago. It’s one the best book investments I’ve ever made.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us via the blog.

  12. Gary Borger says:

    Thanks John. Great to have you on board.
    Best, GB