Philadelphia Anglers Club

Thursday, April 7, I was in Philadelphia to speak at the annual banquet of the Philadelphia Anglers Club and present a day-long seminar to a group of 20 of their members. The day went too fast. My host, Bill Wilson, and I arrived at the Appleford facility at 8:30 am. By 9 the class had assembled, and we were busy tying knots and discussing fly fishing tactics, casting, mending, and a host of other topics. The class ended a bit after 4, and by 5:30 the evening’s event was underway. My good friend, Ed Jaworowski, arrived to discuss casting, demo techniques as requested, and help those who wanted to improve their casting. After the dinner meal, I presented the program, “Where the Trout Are.” It was fun-filled day. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make the event a successful one.

The class at the Philadelphia Angler's Club getting ready for another onslaught of knots, casting, and power point presentations.

The class at the Philadelphia Anglers Club getting ready for another onslaught of knots, casting, and power point presentations.


  1. Ben Hayward says:

    Gary’s seminar was definitely worth the price of admission and the time spent. I’ve been fly fishing for 40 years, and I never realized how much I didn’t know. Thanks Gary.

    BTW Gary, I didn’t realize you were a Penn State alum. As we discussed, I fish Spring Creek, and have used Mark Antolosky as a guide (the best). Did you know his father, Paul Antolosky, when you lived there? A monument in his memory is located at Fishermans’ Paradise. I have a 1983 wood-burned engraving of a grouse done by him on a tree fungus which Mark gifted to me. It’s is one of my proudest posessions. Thought you might be interested.

  2. Gary Borger says:

    Thanks Ben, for your nice comments. I didn’t know Paul, but I certainly know and love Spring Creek. What a wonderful piece of water with such an amazing history. Catch a couple there for me.