Tippet Rings

These are also known as micro-rings because they are indeed micro. They’re called tippet rings because they are attached to the end of the leader body (butt section plus tapered section) as an attachment point for the tippet. OK, how micro is micro? Well, they come in 2 mm and 3 mm sizes (that’s about 5/64 and 1/8 inch, respectively. Very small. The 3 mm size works great for heavier leaders; for example in Czech Nymphing, there’s a short heavy, red or bright green butt section and then a very long tippet section (up to 10 feet, or even more in some circumstances). The 3mm ring goes at the end of the butt, and the tippet can be changed as needed. The 2 mm ring can go on the tippet to act as dropper connection points. In addition, micro-rings are the best choice of connection between a furled leader body and the tippet. And don’t worry, they’re plenty strong–30 to 35 pounds. They come in black nickel, silver nickel, and titanium. They work with dries, too (a touch of fly floatant will keep the ring on top).

These are an European idea and they’re great. I’ve found one shop that handles them–I’m sure there are others, or soon will be. Click her to get yours: Micro-rings.


  1. Brian Ramsey says:

    Gary, thanks for the reports…being that I moved here from Bozeman 10-months ago to the Driftless region, I don’t have much to go on, but the creeks down here seem very low for early season, more like August flows,just worried when August does come ’round. The fishing has been excellent to say the least, though…hope all is well with you.

    ~Brian Ramsey
    Viroqua, WI

  2. Gary Borger says:

    Hi Brian,
    The driftless is a great region of smaller spring creeks–all good fishing. Glad you there because I think it’s the best region in WI.

  3. Brian says:

    Tippet rings, aka closed jump rings in sterling silver, available at jewelry makers for a tenth the cost of getting them elesewhere. They do need to be “closed” jump rings.