The Little Lehigh Seminar and Fishing

I arrived in Alltentown on Thursday evening so I could teach a Bible study Friday morning from 8-10 at the Asbury Methodist Church for a group of 25-27 men. We had an excellent study. I spent the remainder of the day fishing the Little Lehigh. The fish were on and I managed 9 landed out of 14 hooked. All were nice fish. I also caught a 5 inch wild reproduced brown–nice to see them here. By the way, I noted rainbows exhibiting pre-spawn behavior–cutting redds and chasing. Interesting. The classes on Saturday and Sunday were well attended and everyone had a great time. I fished this morning, but the day was very bright and the fish not so excited about feeding. I managed 2 landed out of 6 hooked.

The Little Lehigh

Rod Rohrbach's Little Lehigh Fly Shop.

Sunday's Class under the big top.

A nice Little Lehigh brown.

A Little Lehigh 'bow.


  1. Jake Laubach says:

    Gary, I had a great time this weekend. You taught me more in two days about trout fishing than I amassed in 47 years of of wetting lines and hoping for a strike.
    Jake Laubach, apprentice hanger-outer at the LLFS.

  2. Fred Brandt says:

    Gary, I second everything Jake said. Your class was excellent, very informative and gave me a lot to think about. I am 29 now, have been fishing since I was three and fly fishing for the past five years now. Everything I learned in your class will carry me a long way in my passion for fly fishing. Thank you for such a great time.
    Fred Brandt, Little Lehigh Trout Bum