Advanced Copy of “Fishing the Film” is Here!

As I was landing fish number three today, my cell phone rang. It was Nancy. The advanced copy of Fishing the Film arrived this morning. She says it is beautifully done. I’m really excited to see it for myself, but first, there are some more salmon that need to be taught about flies and fly fishing.

See Jason’s note below and get your pre-publication price for the next 12 days!


  1. Bruce Martin says:

    Gary, I attended your casting class in Tucson as well as your two hours of exuberant informational instruction and stories. All in all it was the most informative and delightful time I have had in some time. Fishing the Film is a truly well written book full of down to earth information and pictorials that has and will help me further my fishing expertise for years to come. I used the “C” pickup on my first outing as well as your suggested finger grip on the rod both of which were very helpful in improving my casting and picking the fly off the water. I cannot wait for my trip to the Bozeman Mo. area to try more of your suggestions. Thank you! Bruce