GB Reads Fishing the Film

Well, well, well. The advance copy is a beauty to be sure. Our printers did a bang up job, but it wouldn’t have been much without Jason’s dedicated skill and pre-press efforts. There is still time to get your pre-publication price, postage and handling included. See the post below on Fishing the Film pre-orders.

"Hmmmm, let's see what this says about the Universal Emerger"


  1. JB says:

    It does indeed look nice! Got mine yesterday. Here’s to 19 more like it….

  2. Mine go through on thrusday :D, while you´re still fishing for salmon… Looking forward to the end of the month ;)

  3. Josh B says:

    Im wondering if there will be anything about George Harvey’s wet night pusher fly in the books to come.

  4. Josh B says:

    I gotta get these books… Gary is my fly fishing hero, he taught me everything I know about flyfishing and I owe every trout I ever caught to him and his son whoom he taught. I can only hope that many years from now there will be a Borger to show them the way of a Trout. GOD SPEED GARY!!!

  5. Gary Borger says:

    Yes, it will be discussed in the Fly Designing book, in Long Flies, and in The Predatory Angler.