John’s Giant Killers

I received a question about John Beth’s bunny flies and his other “giant killers” that he uses for Lake Michigan tributary salmon, browns, and steelhead. The question asks: “Hello! Do these flies ride hook up or hook down? I see the eyes on top of the hook (like a clouser) so I would think they ride hook up, though the keel of the hook and color stacked (on John’s Brown Bunny, for example) looks like they ride hook down.”

John’s replies: “All these flies use Mustad 36890 – salmon hooks with looped, upturned eye. They ride with the hook point facing down. I’ve used that same hook forever – they are strong, sharpen well,  and the eyes tie so well on it – the loop just creates  a natural “ramp” for the barbell style eyes.”

John's Giant Killers ride hook point down.


  1. B says:

    Very good; thank you, Gary and thank you, John!