Ask About Fly Fishing

I will appear on Roger Maves Show– tonight, February 2, 2011, Ground Hog Day, at 7pm Mountain Time. We will be discussing Fishing the Film and other topics. Let’s hope I get it all right the first time so I don’t have to do it endlessly until I do.  See you then.


  1. Leo Rouillard says:

    I enjoyed your talk last night on Ask About Fly Fishing. I’ve long ago learned the importance of fishing the film from my many days fishing the Delaware. It is there that I became a fan of your para-nymph emerger style. However, recently with the emergence of CDC as a tying material, I now use that instead of hackle for the parachute. It’s really become better for me. There’s something about the life CDC gives to the fly.

  2. Gary Borger says:

    I agree. CDC is an excellent material because it is so waterproof and because it is so soft and moves with the slightest current of air or water.

  3. kurt finlayson says:

    I am unable to find your show on “ask about fly fishing” I found the one about designing trout flies. But near the “fly fishing the film” it only says “to ask Gary a question…”

    I have requested they fix it, but have found no reply. I am excited to hear this episode!!


  4. Gary Borger says:

    I checked, too, and your are right, the Show has not been posted as yet, I don’t know their posting schedule, so please watch Ask About Fly Fishing’s site.