Lefty’s No-Slip Loop Knot

In the last post I described the non-slip knot that my old friend Harry Kime showed me many years ago. He called it the Casa Mar knot, but I changed the name to honor this pioneer of salt water fishing. I had a note from a reader that the knot is also called Clifford’s Knot, because a guide at Casa Mar named Clifford had used it. So, whether Clifford’s Knot, the Casa Mar Clincher, or the Kime Clincher, it’s been around for some time and is well proven as a great knot in heavy shock tippet material.

I don’t use it in lighter tippets, as would be used on trout flies, because it is the stiffness of the shock tippet material that allows the knot to perform so well. Another great friend, Lefty Kreh, modified Clifford’s Knot by adding another turn or two with the tag end around the tippet, before the tag end goes back through the overhand knot. This works on finer and softer tippet materials very well. Lefty’s No-Slip Loop Knot is fast and easy to tie.

As with all the non-slip loop knots, start with an overhand knot. Run the tag end of the tippet through the eye of the fly then back up through the overhand knot.

Wrap the tag end around the tippet 3 to 5 turns.

Run the tag end back down through the overhand knot.

Snug it tight.


  1. Gary Eaton says:


    I am having a little trouble differentiating between the Belize Knot, Non-Slip Mono Loop & Kreh Loop. Can you delineate the three for me?