Long Flies is Coming Soon

Long Flies is coming soon. Watch here and on Jason’s blog for further announcements.

Jason and I have settled on the cover art for Long Flies. It has the perfect look and feel to it, and I think it’s a great visual to introduce the reader to this wonderful facet of fly fishing.  Long Flies have been a part of my fly boxes since the day I started tying flies at age 11, over 55 years ago. These are the “Big Fish” flies that have served me so well in streams, lakes, and ocean venues around the world. Here’s the promotional write-up from the back of the book. Watch for it this fall.

Fly Fishing, the Book Series, Volume Three: Long Flies. Fishing long flies holds the greatest opportunity for the fly rodder to take big fish in any water type. Big fish target the food sources that provide the greatest amount of energy; these are the long fly organisms such as minnows, leeches, eels, mice, and more. In this book, Gary Borger covers the origins and development of long flies in all their many forms, from bucktails to streamers, from muddlers to divers, strip flies to collared leeches, and much more. There’s a thorough look at the characteristics of successful long flies, and the theories and practices of fishing them. Eighty paradigm imitations are shown in full color. Included are a host of successful tactics such as the Broadside Float, the Leisenring Lift, Shotgunning, the Jigging Swing, the Baitfish from L, the Strip/Tease, Walking the Dog, Trolling and Drifting, and many other methods. Throughout the book, the “how to” and “why to” are brought to life with stories that stretch back over half-a-century of Gary’s fly-fishing life. Complementing all of this is a collection of black-and-white illustrations by Jason Borger.


  1. Bob Hammond says:

    Can’t wait!! Read to read it with gusto!!! Bob