Theo’s Knot Revisited–Even Faster

I like my friend Theo Bakelaar’s tie-off knot so much that I have been using it on everything. As I was doing so, I realized that I could tie it faster by bringing the bobbin toward me through the loop, rather than putting it through the loop away from me. This may have been the way Theo showed me, I don’t remember, but if so, I apologize for getting it wrong. It’s extremely fast to tie this way , and highly useful in many situations.

Theo's Knot is faster when tied by bringing the bobbin through the loop toward you.


  1. Bill Ninke says:

    This is now a single half hitch executed in a really neat way. I’ve found this way particularly convenient for quickly securing materials being reverse tied, i.e. long materials hanging over hook eye before folding back, and now use it all the time. Thanks for posting. I was at the Int. Tying Symposium but missed seeing Theo’s demo but I would bet this is what he did. No lumps compared to the previous way you posted.