Goodwin Lake

This year, the week between the Pleasanton and Pasadena Shows is affording an opportunity to fish at a new venue here in California. Roy and Daneen Gunther have invited Chuck and Janet Furimsky and I to join them at their facilities on Goodwin Lake near Jamestown. This long, narrow lake sports very healthy rainbows in the 16 to 27 inch size, with the potential of some even larger ones. I’ll post a complete fishing report in a few days, after our trip there. You can see photos of the lake, the fishing, and the lodge facilities at


  1. Cynthia Fox says:

    How was the fishing at Goodwin Lake? We go on April 6th.

  2. Gary Borger says:

    We had a day and a 1/3 to fish the lake. Four of us took fish both days, mostly fishing slow and deep. In the evening we took some near the surface at the upper end of the lake. Steve took 2 about 24 inches and one 27 inches, so the big boys are there. Heavy rain and cold on the second day kept us working hard for fish, but we took them here and there fishing slow and deep.