Trout Lands NZ Fly Fshing at its Best

When Bob Pelzl and i filmed South Island Sampler in 1986, we had the help of a young man named Martin Langlands. Martin is now very much a well-known guide on the South Island, with a good reputation for finding big fish. You can see his operation at Great fishing with a very solid guide and great person.

Here are three Utube videos that martin has made about his NZ fishing


  1. Michael says:

    I have just spend eleven days fishing with Martin in the Canterbury area and I gladly give my testimony. Martin accommodated our wishes in every respect and guided us to fishable high-potential waters regardless of the weather/wind situation. We asked for the hard-going backcountry experience, and yes, we got it! Martin is up for every style of fishing: hiking ten miles on freestone headwaters with countless river crossings is on the daily menu just as much as stalking big browns on spring creeks. His knowledge about the Kiwi aquatic entomology and his very own style of tying productive patterns helped our hunt for that trophy as did his intimate knowledge of his home waters. Our catches resembled that photo above, with the “big-big-big-boy” getting away, by wrapping the leader around a sunken log. But what should I tell You? Go and try yourself! Martin will show you where and how. The rest is up to you, or to quote Martin: “Fortune is with the brave”!
    Tight lines!