Fish Fight for Frost Flies

Carrie J. Frost was born in La Crosse Wisconsin Oct. 14, 1868, and educated as a teacher. She started tying flies for her father and his friends in 1880, but in 1896 opened a fly tying firm under the name of Miss C. J. Frost. She employed other women in the Stevens Point area to tie flies, and soon gathered a nationwide clientele. Her brother, George W. Frost became involved in the business in 1906, and the flies were offered under his name. In 1919, the Company became the Frost Fishing Tackle Company, and Carrie was employing about 150 people, which included many women tyers. A group of local businessmen bought her out in 1920 and hired Oscar L. Weber to run the business. A year later he founded his own company, and in 1926 merged it with the firm Carrie Frost had established. The Weber Lifelike Fly building was constructed in 1928 and later expanded. The company closed in 1985. Carrie died on Oct. 7, 1937, leaving a truly great fly tying legacy. She has long been considered a pioneer in the American Fly tying industry, and is responsible for putting Stevens Point, Wisconsin, on the map as the Fly Making Capital of the World of the early 1900s.

When the firm closed its doors in 1985, I had an opportunity to look over the inventory of materials and other items, and purchase what I wanted. These great posters are part of the collection that I acquired, and great piece of the fly tying history of this country. Looks great in a fly tying room.

There are two page images on each poster. Overall sheet size is 11 x 17 inches. Each poster is signed (Gary Borger) to verify their authenticity of originality.

Se it at

The poster features two pages of Frost Flies from the early 1900s.


  1. Theo Bakelaar says:

    Hi Gary, this is far from my country but I know about them. Its the style we have here in Europe. Scotland and Ireland flies thats what it looks like The same style…..bushy flies. Great to see it again. There are still tiers here who are making them in this style……and you know what……deadly weapons for those real wild brownies in those countries. Use them myself for wild brown trout fishing in the Scottish Highland Lochs. Perfect flies for that. Untouched waters and fish over there.

  2. Cathy Mainardi says:

    This is a great post Gary. What an interesting story. Was very cool seeing Theo’s response. I have met him at the shows and he has spoken at our club in Ocean City. He is something else. I always look forward to seeing him.

  3. Gary Borger says:

    Thanks. Theo is a very creative guy. He just sent me a noite about his recent fishing in Denmark. I’ll post something soon.

    Best, GB