Bob Quigley Dies

Bob Quigley, a highly innovative fly tyer with his focus on west-coast spring creeks, passed away on Tuesday June 12, 2012. Bob had been fighting cancer for some time. His interest in fly fishing and fly tying lead him into uncharted waters any number of times, and he often emerged with unique and deadly patterns. Perhaps his best known imitation is the Quigley Cripple, which is a great imitation of crippled or partially emergent mayfly duns. It has been used the world over with great success. Our sympathies are extended to Bob’s family and his multitude of friends.

Bob Quigley working on a new idea for spring creek fleis.

Bob's most well-konwn imitation, the Quigley's Cripple



  1. Theo Bakelaar says:

    Hi family of Bob. Did read this part of Gary on his site and didn’t read it well. Did not realize that he was gone after that terrible fight with cancer. May I wish you all the power in the coming time because of that big lost for you. Forgive me my bad English please and not given an earlier reaction. Sorry again. Theo Bakelaar from Holland.