Montauk Point Report

Montauk Point is alive with fish as reported by our friend, Capt’n Jake Jordan. He and friends found stripers up to 25 pounds and albies up to 10 pounds in numbers. If you’re in the area and get there, have at ‘em.

Are these enough fish to cast to?

Nice stripe ya got there, jake!

Plenty of albies in the mix, too.


  1. Theo Bakelaar says:

    Have heard about this point were you can walk over the backsides of the fish. Have seen some dvd shots about this point…..its crazy. Everything you throw between them they will take it. Its funny…..the last trip with Chuck we run into an enormous school of fish, stripers and blues. They were hunting for those very small rain fish ……I was fishing with one of my biggest complete different fly….no problem, they took it all. Even when I changed my fly for a complete other one……result…every cast a fish. They hunt for baby bunkers……you fish with a big streamer and every cast is a fish, is it so important that you fish with the fly were they are hunting for !!!!!! Well, I don’t think so with Saltwater fish……what do you think ???????