Trigger Finger Grip

This is the Thumb on Top Grip modified by sliding the index finger forward along the lower side of the handle as if reaching for a trigger. This is also a superb grip for Wrist Casting and Arm Assisted Wrist Casting. Because the forefinger is more forward than with the standard Thumb on Top grip, the caster pinches the handle between the thumb on top and both the middle and forefinger on the bottom of the handle, giving an even more secure grip than the classic Thumb on Top. In addition, the middle bone of the forefinger rests against the side of the handle, giving the caster another touch point to which pressure can be applied to the handle. This is a very secure grip, and the one I use the most when Wrist Casting

The Trigger Finger Grip works well with full arm casting, too, but as with the Thumb on Top Grip, one must learn to control the wrist on the backstroke or the rod will arc too far back and produce an arcing cast rather than a cast with a loop.

In the trigger Finger Grip, the forefinger is reached forward as if touching a trigger.


  1. Mark Rayman says:

    What is that reel you are holding Ari T?

    Looking to see you at the Fly Fishing Show. Denver



  2. Gary Borger says:

    Hi Mark, Yup, you got it! It’s a Ari T Hart.
    See ya in Denver,

  3. Lars Bentsen says:

    Hey Gary!

    Nice article about my favourite distance casting grip. I’ve used it for over 10 years and I never knew its name :-)

    Thanks for enlightenment :-)


  4. Gary Borger says:

    Nice to hear from you Lars. It’s a very sound grip, and certainly plenty strong.


  5. Lars Bentsen says:

    Hi Gary!

    Yes, I like it, primarily of course because it just seems to suit me well. But I di find that the “extended forefinger below-grip” as I’ve called it until now, gives me a good dampening of the tip as well.


  6. Gary Borger says:

    Hi Lars,
    The Trigger Finger Grip is better than the Thumb on Top grip because it covers more of the handle. This is the reason you get such good dampening–you’ve got a better grip on the rod.