Finger on Top Grip

Many have used this grip, including tournament casters, but perhaps the greatest proponent of the Finger on Top Grip was Hans Gebitsroither, the highly renown Austrian guide and casting instructor that promoted the Elliptical Casting Stroke. Others, of course, have used the Elliptical Stroke, but Hans developed an entire school of casting built on it. It is often called the European casting style. Truth is, it’s just another great tool in a rather large kit that the fly fisher should have available for use when needed. None-the-less, Hans preferred to use the Finger on Top Grip, and many have followed his lead. It works just fine for the Elliptical Stroke.

Because it positions the hand palm down over the top of the handle, the rod does not fall as far back as with the Thumb on Top and related grips when the wrist is bent full back. This makes it a good grip for Arm casting, and it works for wrist casting out to the side just a bit. It is not the strongest grip, and so while it works just fine for light trout rods and short casts, it gets to be a bit of a burden to use this grip when heaving long lines with a big tarpon stick, even when using an Elliptical Stroke.

The Finger on Top Grip has been used by anglers for many years.


  1. mastrude says:

    Tx for the thought provocation.
    I am one of those guys who learns best by watching the masters.
    WhenI was learning to ski,for instance,if I attempted to analyze
    my style,it invariably set me backa anotch or two.
    I focus on the target and let nature take care of the mechanics but
    I know this is not for everyone.
    Tx again for all the tips.
    I find them stimulating and instructive.

  2. Gary Borger says:

    You are welcome. It always helps to understand the reason that we do things. Understanding makes the doing more efficient and more confident.