Sails are on!

I had a note from my friend, Capt’n Jake Jordan, and it seems that the sail fish are turned on and tuned in. Here’s his note. If you’re interested in catching a sailfish on a fly, Jake’s the guy. You can contact him through his link at the right.

Greetings from Casa Vieja Lodge:

Here at Casa Vieja Lodge the fleet is catching lots of Sailfish, yesterday the results were as follows: Paul McGarvie fishing aboard Makaira with Captain Jason Brice caught and released 5 sailfish on fly, today I fished with Paul and Jason and we released 5 more sailfish from 8 bites.

Meanwhile Billy and Dusty Coulliette fishing aboard Intensity with Captain Mike Sheeder, caught and released 9 sailfish from 11 bites yesterday and then caught 6 sailfish on fly from 15 bites today.

Also Aboard Rum Line with mate Nico running the boat for Captain Chris Sheeder, with anglers Austin Hepburn ,  along with Robert and Maxwell Moran, caught and released 6 sailfish on fly from 9 bites yesterday, and 11 from 13 bites today.

Jumping Sail

This is what the look like up close and personal just after they’ve taken the fly.