My Madison

From the first time I stepped into the Madison River in 1962, it has held a special fascination for me. Not only because it holds big fish, but because it is a river of many faces. Most anglers know its middle stretch, which rushes north from Earthquake Lake to Ennis Lake, but there are the headwaters of the Firehole and Gibbon, the meadows in Yellowstone Park, the waters of Hebgen, Earthquake, and Ennis Lakes, the roaring waters of Beartrap Canyon, and the lower Madison that cuts a path through prairie country on its way to forming the mighty Missouri with the Gallatin and Jefferson at Three Forks.

My good friend, John Beth, is also under the spell of the Madison, and in 1993 we pooled our love of the river to produce “My Madison,” a celebration of the river in words and music. John’s seven inspiring and lovely compositions honor this timeless river with an equally timeless quality, and I wrote voice-over prose on my impressions of each of the Madison’s seven sections. Side One is the music with my voice over. Side Two is music only.

The My Madison CD received First Place from the Outdoor Writers Association of America for a Natural History Broadcast.

My Madison has just been released in the electronic media stores in celebration of its 20th Anniversary. You can listen to selections and buy the album or singles at iTunes, and other electronic stores.