Turbo Tail Strikes Again

Chuck continued his week at Gangler’s Lodge in northern Manitoba with more pike rippin’. They decided to put Chuck to the test and took him to “Frustration Bay,” where the gin clear water showed every 36-40” pike as clear as day. These fish were all “frustration” trained. They would follow the lure or fly right to the boat, thumb their noses, and slide away. That is, until Chuck showed them the Turbo Tail flies. Then it was catchin’ time. The biggest was 42 inches; it just couldn’t stand the action and flash of a Silver Turbo Tail.

If you haven’t tried this design, it’s simple but, “Oh” so effective. Chuck uses his Bug Skin material for the tail, cutting it into a question mark, and lashing it firmly to the hook before dressing the rest if the fly (which can be dang near any style you like). Create deep divers, medium weight ones, and some top water beauties.

By the way, in the appropriate sizes, these are food for bass and trout, and anything else you want to heave them at.

Serious pike!


Turbo Tails ready to fish.

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