Fall Albies 2017

The fall alibi fishing has been exceptional, and our friend, Capt’n Jake Jordan has been right on top of all of it. My long-time friend, Chick Furimsky, founder of The Fly Fishing Show, had a chance to fish with Jake a week or so ago. They really did well. Trouble is, the sharks were in tune with what was going on, and several of their fish were “sharked.” they also lost fly lines, flies, and leaders, but no fingers or larger body parts, to the sharks. Still, it was a time of real “tug of war” with one on the sea’s truly fighting’ fools.

If you want in on the action, see the link to Jake at the right.


Chuck with a really fine Albie.


Capt’n Jake with another nice Albie.


Oops, shark bait.


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